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As a premier company providing holistic financial services, Money Bus strives to provide their clients with customized financial planning and advisory services across multiple vectors including life insurance, retirement planning, asset management, tax planning and more. We have clients from varied industrial sectors including corporate companies, individual investors and NRIs among them.

We have a very strong culture that leverages on the loyalty of our customers and the relationships we build with our customers. We have a team of individuals who have both experience and qualification in handling financial investments to help people build up on your wealth. It is our objective to ensure that your money works for you despite fluctuations in markets.

Our best feature is the ability to provide dedicated service and customized solutions without deviations. You can depend on us even when there is a market fluctuation for we provide unrelenting service despite market fluctuations. Dream more for Money Bus will help you realize them!

Our Approach

Our approach involves researching the available products and analyzes the existing financial investments of the clients before arriving at a solution that matches the current and the future requirements. We take both short and long term objectives into account.

Our Objectives

We align ourselves with the objectives of our client and provide tailor made solutions to fit every business and industry. This has helped us to gain the trust and loyalty of many consumers across different industries.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best solutions that help our clients realize their dreams. We strive to work with multiple stakeholders providing only the optimal benefits to our clients, be it on life insurance, or the plan for higher education for their children.

Our Vision

We see ourselves taking the ownership for fulfilling the dreams and aspirations of our customers. We want to provide the best investment sources and better options for our clients. It is our vision to get ranked on top for customer satisfaction in financial advisory industry.


Not everyone can benefit from simple off the shelf solutions as the financial needs and the budget of every person is unique. We therefore create customized solutions that befit everyone’s budget and the needs of their family.

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We try to provide you information and insights that help building your wealth to help you in times of need.

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